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Our company Resolving problems

Resolving problems in business environment

The best way to resolve a problem is to prevent it. Unfortunately, we only become aware of this when faced with failures to discharge contractual obligations, contractual penalties, debts or other business matters desperately needing a solution.

Resolution of problems that have spun out of control is often given up, causing inevitable economic loss or resulting in a long and expensive judicial procedure, the outcome of which we cannot predict.

Fortunately, APC provides a quick and increasingly popular conciliation procedure. Conciliation procedure is an efficient method for resolving disputes (also known as ADR -alternative dispute resolution), which is based on the parties’ voluntary activities, involving an impartial conciliator. In conciliation procedure we rely on the judicial analysis of the dispute as well as the subjective, objective and social background of the parties to the dispute.

What is more – after the first consultation the client shall receive (free of charge) a comprehensive overview of the dispute resolution options and expected results.

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